Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones 

Abrazando Ilusiones Foundation, established in 2016, is an independent, non-profit entity dedicated to fostering positive youth development through cooperative learning and collective leadership. Operating as a largely self-sustained entity, the Foundation generates most of its income through the provision of partner trainings and specialized learning hives. These funds are then reinvested into social action initiatives. While the Organization’s primary focus is in Spain, it has recently expanded its reach through piloting projects in Morocco and in Lebanon. Additionally, the it is a stakeholder in large international cooperation projects contributing to diversity, equity, inclusion within the European Union.

Abrazando Ilusiones Foundation prioritizes three key areas in its work. First, it is committed to enabling access to quality education for at-risk youth, including unaccompanied foreign minors and refugee children. Upholding education as a fundamental right and a catalyst for positive change, the Foundation works to eliminate barriers and create inclusive learning environments. Secondly, the it places significant emphasis on establishing and strengthening the linkages between training programs and employment opportunities. Serving as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application, it fosters youth employability and autonomy. Lastly, the Organization undertakes initiatives to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and good practice to drive meaningful societal transformations.